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This project seeks to understand the increasing role of private security companies and the weight of the security industry in the way EU migration management policy is shaped and produced. Later advances, not only in security field in general, but also in the migration field, in particular, illustrate that the market for security is continuously flourishing and a demand market is fed by evolving migration flows. In order to understand the level of influence of private security actors in the design of EU migration policy making, we will use process-tracing methodology to observe the changing pathways of migration policy process and understand when and why this changed has occurred. Therefore, this project seeks to answer:

  • How do private security actors and defence industry shape the European migration management policy inside and outside the EU borders?
  • Who are the main private security actors and defence companies shaping and lobbying EU’s migration management process?
  • What are the impacts of outsourcing security in the EU migration management?
  • How is EU migration policy evolving and adapting to borderless security threats?
  • How does the private security industry shape the security agenda? How and why private security actors play a key role driving it?

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