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NATO – Mobile Border Security Training

Since October 2019 she is a Lecturer and Instructor in Border Security and Border Technology for COE-DAT NATO onInternational organisations’ (UN, EU, OSCE, FRONTEX) perspectives on border security:achievements, challenges; Human and technological aspects of border security and Transnational and Hybrid Threats in Border Management and Security.

I have done extensive research on the impacts of technologies for border checks, as well as I am a listed instructor for COE-DAT NATO. I lead the Mobile Training for Border Security at NATO- ICI Regional Centre in Kuwait to the highest ranks of Border Security of Kuwait, Qatar, UAE. As an instructor for  COE-DAT NATO and an expert and consultant in Human, Drug Trafficking and Serious and Organised Crime, a critical dimension for Frontex operations. I have explored the policy aspects related to the Human Factors on Border Control Management, the challenges and gaps posed to Frontex operations and the impacts of the use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) to secure the EU’s external borders,  and what is their role into the forthcoming articulation between smart technological borders and EU Home Affairs and Migration Agenda. In particular to those related to the human factors of border security and links with the processes of facilitation at the border and in European integrated border management (IBM) aims at managing the crossing of the external borders efficiently such as National identification arrangements produce Evidence of Identity to support the issuance of Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs). I-Checkit, or  Qylur that applies machine learning to advanced analytics to develop autonomous security checking machines at airports. I have also explored the policy implications of the use of fast-track border technologies such as ePassports and pilot projects related to Border Check Tech to address migratory challenges and potential future threats at those borders, serious and organised crime with a cross-border dimension.

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